How To Get Subscribers On YouTube FAST in 2020

How To Get Subscribers On YouTube FAST in 2020

How To Get Subscribers On YouTube FAST in 2020

if you want to grow your channel quick and easy, subscribe and smash that notification bill, because I share with you all the tips, tricks, and strategies that I use to grow this dead channel from zero to thousands of subscribers and became a YouTube partner just a matter of months.

What's going on? So today we're going to cover a video of mine that is by far the most popular video on this channel in terms of getting subscribers. And in fact, the video itself has brought in over 11000 subscribers all alone. And one of the reasons for that is because the method in the video for getting subscribers is so effective. People love it. And so since I've gotten a lot of new subscribers since they've posted this video, the video's been around for quite a while by about a year now. I wanted to share it again, just in case you haven't seen this method or even if you've seen the video and understand the method, maybe you didn't realize how powerful and effective it was and you didn't really utilize it. So hopefully that's going to get you to do today is to recognize that this is a very, very effective method for growing your channel. 

How To Get Subscribers On Youtube Fast And Easy

And real quick, for those of you who've been asking about my video series where I show you over my shoulder how to grow channels very, very quickly and how I personally monetize my YouTube channel with multiple streams of automated income daily just like this. Even if you're not a partner, just click the link in the description. You can literally watch over my shoulder and copy me and settle this up for yourself. And if you come over here to the course page and you scroll down, you can see where another YouTube is, just like you followed this video series, watch over my shoulder, copy me. And they did set these up for themselves, these income streams, and they're growing their channels are sharing the results right here. And so, again, that link is in the description. Check it out if you're interested. 

All right. So let's check out the video in question so I can show you first and foremost how many subscribers have brought in and what the video is itself. So we're going to have it I.Q. These are video IQ tests over here and we're going to go to a channel on it. And I'm going to go over here to subscribers gain. I'm going to click on this and then we're going to set the filters a little bit different so that we can see this easier. So I'm going to change this to actually what changes to the bar chart. And I'm going to go up here and just customize the range. I'm going to go to Lifetime. It's a bit IQ has ranked these in order. 

How To Get Gore Subscribers On Youtube For Free

So this is the number one video. Eleven thousand one hundred and forty-nine subscribers. And that's this video right here. And now I'm going to share with you and I can see I posted it a little over a year ago. I'm going to share with you the method that I teach in this video. I'll give you a little updated version of it. And again, this is my most popular video. This is the one people love the most because the method is so effective. All right. So what's so great about this method is it doesn't matter what nature and you can utilize this method because even if you're not in the how to grow on YouTube, Nitsch, if you're in the carnage or the fitness niche or the gaming niche part of your viewer base, part of the YouTube is that is watching your videos are also interested in growing their own channel. 

In fact, a large portion of that base there is people are YouTube that is interested in learning how to grow their channel. Specifically, they're interested in learning how to grow a channel that's in the same niche. So, again, if they're YouTube bears that are interested in cars and they're watching your YouTube channel on cars because they're interested in that type of content and they also want to grow their own channel on cars, you can utilize this specifically for them and it can be very effective. And so the method is you're going to post a certain type of video. And again, you don't have to do this all the time. You just periodically, if you want to if you're running out of content on your channel, you want something different to do. You can do this and it really connects with your viewers. 

 Free Youtube Subscribers Fast

And so what I'm talking about is you're going to do a type of video called a milestone video. And a lot of my videos are milestone videos. And all that simply means is you've reached a certain milestone in growing your YouTube channel, whether it's you've gotten a certain amount of use, you've got a certain amount of subscribers, a certain amount likes whatever the case may be, you've achieved something. Even if it's small. If it's small, do you it could be huge to somebody that's just starting. So, like, as an example, maybe you just got a hundred subscribers to your channel where there's a lot of YouTube are starting out with zero subscribers or 10 subscribers, and they're trying to reach that first milestone. They want to get one hundred subscribers. So if you post a video on how you did that and sort of the techniques that you used, people are going to be very interested in that, particularly if they're in your niche. 

So you can say, hey, I got a first my first hundred subscribers to my gaming channel or to my car review channel. And then you simply do that. You just show them how this is how I did it. I did this type of thumbnail. I did this type of content. I ask people described this way, whatever the case may be, that's the type of video content you can put out and you can get a huge response from that. Now, using video IQ, you can get a ton of ideas of certain milestones you can do this with. Again, we go over to the IQ tabs, we go down to achievements. We're going to open this up. Now, you don't have to use that IQ to do any of this. You can just, you know, look through your stats on your own in your YouTube analytics. 

But we're going to just use that IQ because it's easier to see here. So these are my current achievements. I just achieved fifty thousand subscribers not that long ago and so I could do a video. On how to achieve or how I achieved 50000 subscribers if you click on it, it's going to bring up a really nice certificate. And so I could simply use this as part of the thumbnail if I wanted. But it's really nice and shows you that, you know, you've achieved fifty thousand describers on whatever date. And so it's just kind of neat to see what you've achieved a bit. IQ likes to help point that out to you. Let's go back and check it out some more. So three point five million views on this channel. 

Free Youtube Subscribers Daily

One hundred thousand likes, two hundred uploads, one hundred twenty-five thousand watch hours. Five hundred and fifty thousand comments. Three hundred and sixty-eight thousand views. That's my largest month. These are in this section. Right here are the top-performing months. I got over 5000 subscribers in one month. I got over three hundred sixty-eight thousand views in one month. Eighteen uploads in a month. So not only can you learn what treatments you've done and shared that with other people to create content, but you can also see where maybe you need to improve. So uploads in a month, that's not that great. I mean, imagine if I was doing a video every day for a little while, that kind of growth you could get eleven thousand six hundred sixty-one thousand comments over twelve thousand hours watched in one month of my content. 

And so now here are twelve different topics I could do over the next twelve videos if I wanted. So here are twelve pieces of content I could use to generate videos if I was running low or if I just wanted to do something to help people grow their channels. All right. So again, this is the most popular method that I've shown on how to grow on YouTube. It's super effective. It's got the most positive response of all my videos and all my content or the last two years of doing this sort of content on YouTube. So if you haven't seen this in a while, I haven't tried this one. 

I'll give it a shot, do it regularly. It does work. If this is the first time you're seeing this type of content, this type of method, give it a shot. I guarantee you, if you do it right, you can experience huge gains in subscribers. And of course, you're going to need views with that. So check out some of my other videos on how to get your videos and how to get views, or I have covered all that as well in the course if you're interested. Again, that links in the description below. What, that I'm going to wrap this video up and I will see you in the next.


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