This App Will Pay You $600 For FREE! (Make Money Online)

This App Will Pay You $600 For FREE! (Make Money Online)

This App Will Pay You $600 For FREE

What is up, guys? Welcome back to My Website,What we're going to talk about today is how to make six hundred dollars doing literally nothing. We're just going to show you some bonus apps that you can make even more than that. Again, doing nothing. And I know that's a bold claim. I also know that generally when people say doing nothing on YouTube, it means doing at least something, some amount of work. But in this video, I'm not kidding when I tell you literally you are going to be doing nothing if you're new here. 

Make Money Act

So the first app that we are going to be talking about today is, interestingly enough, called the Make Money Act, or more specifically, Make Money, a free cash app. I wonder if they're doing that for SEO. Yes, of course they are. And essentially what this app is, is is very similar to a Google opinion rewards where you can get paid real cash for doing it. Very basic tasks such as watching videos or giving your opinion. Now, is this the app is actually going to pay you six hundred dollars? No, we are going to get into that in just a few minutes. Right. Make sure you do hang around with us till the end of this video. If you're already impatient now. Right. You're probably never going to make any money online. The truth is, if you can't watch a ten minute video, you're never going to have a successful business. It takes time to do the stuff and you can either make excuses or you can make money, but you can't make both. 

  Cash Magnet App

The next app that are going to be talking about is called the Cash Magnet App, which again is an awesome name. And the cash magnet app is cool because you literally are getting paid for doing nothing. And generally when you get paid for doing nothing, it means that they're ultimately selling some type of user or performance or behavioral information about how you use your device to a third party like advertisers and things like that. Now, generally, this information is anonymized, right? They say right here on their website that they guarantee that your information is safe, but you do ultimately have to decide whether or not some free cash for doing literally zero work is worth giving your actual browsing habits and selling that information to companies that find it valuable in some way. But the cool thing about the cash magnet app is you don't even have to watch videos or fill out surveys or give your opinion or do some of the very basic stuff that you do have to do in the previous make money app. In this one, literally, just by downloading the app itself and leaving it running on your phone, you can make money doing that. And one of the cool perks about the cash magnet app is you can actually use four different phones on one IP address and you can get paid four times as much. Now, they do say on their website that the most that you can generally make is about fifteen dollars per month per phone. So obviously it's not going to completely change your life. But getting, you know, up to sixty dollars per month, completely for free, for doing absolutely nothing is not a bad situation to be. Now, is this app going to make you six hundred dollars for doing nothing? Not quite. It'll make you about sixty dollars per month if you do have four devices. But we will get to that in just a few minutes. So make sure you do stick around with us. 

 Money SMS App

The third app that we're going to be talking about today is called The Money Assam's App. Now, I do sense a very basic theme here that most of these apps tend to include the word money or free or app, probably because they're free money apps. And essentially what the money SMS app is, is it will actually pay you again for doing nothing literally just to receive text messages. All you have to do is sign up, create a completely free account, and they will actually send you promotional text messages where you can actually get those text right. You can mute them, you can completely ignore them. But for every text that they actually send you, you will accumulate points which you can then transfer into dollars and get paid to receive texts. And I don't know about you, but I get a lot of random text on my phone. And now I'm thinking to myself, why am I getting all these texts and I'm not getting paid for it while all the smart people out there are getting paid to receive random texts from the same as money at. So once you actually. You set up your completely free account, you actually tell the Esme's generator how many texts that you want to receive and get paid for every single day, and then you will actually be able to earn some money just to receive some texts.

And unfortunately for our iOS users out there, these apps for now do only work on Android. But we do have something very special for all of you iOS users later on in the video. So last but not least, let's get into the app that will actually pay you six hundred dollars literally for doing nothing.
So last but not least, the app that will actually pay you six hundred dollars for doing it, literally nothing and not a zero, zilch. Not one thing is called .And the cool thing about this app is it does work for both Android and iOS. And the super cool thing about this app is you literally just get paid for doing no work at all, just listening to music. And I know about you, but I listen to music all the time and I never get paid for it. In fact, I'm actually paying for a YouTube premium subscription, so now I feel like I'm getting ripped off. Now, all you have to do to actually take advantage of this is download the current U.S. app and just listen to your favorite music. 

 your favorite music

And when you listen to your favorite music, you will actually start to accumulate points. And when you accumulate points, you can then, of course, transfer those into gift cards or cold, hard cash. And the more music that you listen to, the more points that you make and the more points that you make, the more cash that you can actually earn. Again, earning up to six hundred dollars per year, literally, just to listen to your favorite music and do zero work of any kind. 

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